Welcome to the Star Wars Edge of the Empire in San Antonio TX.

You are outlaws and smugglers on the rim of the galaxy trying to make a living and sometimes just survive. Up to your eyeballs in debt, loan sharks and crime lords all want their money, or perhaps just a favor. All you have to work with is your ship and your wits. Both will be necessary to complete your job while keeping the Empire from looking your way.

This game will be using the Edge of the Empire Star Wars setting by Fantasy Flight Games. It is now officially released! More information can be found here: Star Wars Edge of the Empire

The game is over! Thanks for everyone who played.

Top Deck Gamers
2379 NE Loop 410, Suite 110
San Antonio, Texas 78217

Next Game is Sat March 2 PM

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire - San Antonio Playtest

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