Star Wars: Edge of the Empire - San Antonio Playtest

Arrive at Nar Shaddaa - Fuvan's Log

Fleeced at Rowo's Landing

Left Jora at Vapor Station on Tatooine, and with the cargo, piloted “the back way” to Green Top on the “smugglers moon” Nar Shaddaa without incident. We were to meet up with Lani, our Mon Calamari contact through our employer, Sinasu the Hutt. Lani was to take possession of some eggs and a young Krayt Dragon which we must be ever vigilant to keep sedated.

Upon arrival, the upper most 4 levels of Green Top lay in smoke and abandoned. These levels belong to Sinasu. No longer was there a suitable landing area, so B1-Z0 and Kallakkata desended to Green Top as I hovered the ship. They scared off some bounty hunters who we later surmised must be working for Sinasu the Hutt’s rival Noaka the Hutt. We also learned Noaka has someone who works at Green Top called Pawn. Even after I deftly piloted the ship in what appeared to be another direction, Noaka’s bounty hunters tracked us to nearby Rowo’s Landing. A massive cylindrical tower and space port.

I paid a hefty 225 credits to dock and re-fuel our ship. There was a pestering little droid I had to keep sending away that was sent out by that over-charging Twi’lek to ramp up our docking costs. A blessing in disguise though… It caused me to have a once-over with our ship to make sure I didn’t miss it sneaking on extra charges. I discovered a homing beacon placed by Noaka’s men. After returning from Green Top, Growskka successfully removed the beacon and seamlessly transitioned a new portable power supply. B1-Z0 stealthily placed it on some departing ship. Those bounty hunters will be on a wild Womp Rat chase for a while.

For now, Sinasu is in hiding due to the turf war attacks, possibly in one of his illegal tech shops. Through the investigative efforts of Kuthri, Kallakkata and Growskka we learned Lani is recovering from injuries in the facility Bacta Max. She gave us directions to negotiate the underground maze of tunnels so that our group may directly contact the one who will take possession of the Krayt Dragon.

I continue to stay with our ship and be ready at a moments notice. We have only today to deliver our cargo, so time is of the essence.



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