Star Wars: Edge of the Empire - San Antonio Playtest

Engage the Bounty Hunters at Tech Tank - Fuvan's Log

Delivery Gone Wrong

Left Lani at Bacta Max. As a group we returned to our ship and flew out to the tech tank owned by Ten Nom. This tech tank is underground, in a vast pipe network and has a 2 kilometer pool of water. But to get in a hanger size door had to be opened. Growskka and Kallakkata exited our ship as I hovered it. They successfully opened it without triggering any alarms. We tried to close the door behind us but Growskka had to do too much rewiring on the outside panel. When we landed in the tech tank, Growskka looked like he was struggling with the protocol droid. I exited the ship and together we seemed gain enough trust so that Sinasu revealed himself to us. He seemed to be eager to take his cargo and as B1-Z0 and as Kallkkata were unloading the Krayt Dragons we were attacked by bounty hunters seeking Sinasu. We managed to dispatch all but 1 of the speeders but the remaining one has attached grappling hooks to Sinasu’s hover platform and is preparing make off with him. B1-Z0 has hopped into a speeder and is going to go after the remaining bounty hunter’s speeder. Kallakkta is engaged in battle with the 3 remaining bounty hunters on the ground.



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