Star Wars: Edge of the Empire - San Antonio Playtest

Rescue of Sinasu - Fuvan's Log

A Deal with Dodis

The fighting continues…

B1-Z0 flys over grappling Sinasu’s platform. Leaping from his commandeered speeder onto the bounty hunter’s speeder attempting to haul away Sinasu, B1-Z0 starts the process of exploding some heads. Kallakkta dispatches even more bad guys. After some further fighting only one bounty hunter remained, where, upon their surrender, Ten Nom said he would use them for negotiating a deal with the incoming bounty hunters to leave the Tech Tank alone.

With Sinasu aboard ship, we flew from Nar Shaddaa to Nal Hutta where Sinasu took possession of the Krayt Dragons. To facilitate that, our ship had to escape from the underground facility. As we emerged there were two smaller craft waiting to engage us. Our ship lost 15 of 22 on our hull integrity, but we did manage to escape without further danger from the bounty hunters as Kuthri Zikri’ Ubun shot them both down. We put the bounty hunter’s damaged speeder in our cargo hold and picked up one of the bounty hunters blasters before leaving the Tech Tank.

Dealing with Sinasu proved to be a bad deal. He forgave us some of our debit and allowed us time to make repairs, but became impatient with our presence and wanted us to leave. The cost and time of repairs to our ship made the delivery of the Krayt Dragons and rescue of Sinasu unprofitable to say the least. Most of us used our down time to go on “milk runs”, which did yield some much needed credits and had the side effect of accelerating Sinasu’s displeasure with our continued presence as his saw this activity as taking advantage of his “generosity”.

The pestering hover droid that dutifully watches my (most) ever move, made itself a nuisance as there was a message from Dodis, demanding our presence on Rodia. Growskka did manage to repair most of the damage to our ship by the time we arrived on Rodia. Dodis has a “job” for us. Meaning that I will be helping, without pay, this blackmailer. Some of our “unencumbered” crew will be paid though, and we did manage to sell the broken speeder at a fair price to him to raise credits (7000), in addition to a blaster pistol for myself. The bad news is the job. We must break someone out of prison, extract information about an abandoned ship with Dodis’s contraband cargo, and then insure this person’s silence. Its all a bad deal in my veiw. With the credits from the speeder sale we bought a security bypass lock thing for Kuthri, and got some much needed healing for some party members. We are to bring the ship with the cargo back to Dodis intact where we will be paid, well at least some of us will.



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