Star Wars: Edge of the Empire - San Antonio Playtest

Commandeer troubles - Fuvan's Log

Snakes on a Rodian

When is a plan not a plan…

The first order of business… Commandeer a ship that is: a) heavily gaurded, b) is in a fortrees, c) someone will miss, and d) may not even be the right one we need.
Our attempts to gain access to a supply ship to the prison have quickly become re-purposed to the goal of information gathering. The well fortifided supply hub is not only well equiped with sophisticated sensons to observe any unauthorized approach, but also guards are on continuous watch and an AT-ST walker patoling the outside paremeter. Talk about preparing a warm welcome. The droid couldn’t find what he was looking for, at the perimeter outside sensor range, so we asked him to go guard the ship while we traversed the jungle to town. While en route at night, well into our journey, we were attacked by snakes. Very large, very hungry. The droid, thankfully just this once, does not listen to others and followed us. He / it engaged the native beasts as they were upon us. Apparently the taste of Rodian is a delicacy because I went down in round two. The Wookie was also badly hurt. Fortunately, the Transdoshian has a med kit. That was our day, recon and fight’n.



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