Star Wars: Edge of the Empire - San Antonio Playtest

Finding the Resistance - Fuvan's Log

If you can't work with'em - Gank'em

Getting into town early morning was a blessing. Few folk were around so no one saw our rag-tag group emerge from the jungle. We notice a tell on a door and I paid a handsome price of 100 credits to get us in. After a Wookie brandishing a bow caster questioned us in the entry room, our Transdoshian was escorted to a “safer” front room for his own protection. Chumbrock the Wookie further questioned him there. After some Q&A our droid became impatient and turned into his normal self after being in “suitcase” mode on the street.

The rest of us were led to the safe house back room where the “speak easy” was. We rested for the evening and gathered information. In the morning, the droid went out to scout the streets. Apparently the whole town is an imperial stronghold as there are storm troopers everywhere. The only Wookies in town are young, old, and essential labor. There are also Rodians and Transdoshians. Any Transdoshian is likely to be a bounty hunter. There is a guild of them here. We found this out after talking with a freedom fighter at the safe house.

After much deliberation we decided that since stormtroopers all see Wookies, Transdoshians and Rodians as looking very much alike, it would be good to find some patsies and impersonate someone who already has some credentials. Our Bothan went to a bar to recruit but kinda messed things up. She found some bounty hunter Rodian who was about to get stormtroopers to arrest us, but the droid dispatched them very well after jamming the signal from the Rodian’s comm link.

Fuvin Gains a Com Link and a set of laminate armor from the downed bounty hunter so he can impersonate him well.

More to come…



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