Star Wars: Edge of the Empire - San Antonio Playtest

Tunnels of Love - Fuvan's Log

Dammit, spice googles!

After getting word that one of the reactors on the star destroyer Kathri infiltrated went down, we got a call from her. She was lost on the Kessel run in the Tie Fighter we requisitioned. I thought for sure a futile mission, but she pulled it off. And just pulling it off is amazing which is so hot awesome. We went to guide her back to Kessel and managed to land the Tie Fighter in a remote area. She boarded and we made for a smuggler’s entrance to the spice mines where we were greeted by the local denizens. For an ugly Transdoshian, Growosskka has a good way with people. He negotiated our costs down to a more manageable 875 credits, and gained us passage and a map through the spice tunnels. I contributed 500 myself. I was saving up for a better side arm but this seemed important and no one else had much.

Then the fun began. Well, I at first thought it was fun. The tunnels are laden with spice…everywhere. I know. I personally made sure that what we were seeing on the walls was in fact spice. My team reminded me that we were working against a deadline. Our ship had become somewhat of an interest to the Imperials. Petty Officer Tran, our Imperial contact said she wouldn’t have to file the report on our ship for another day, still though, a time frame not to be trifled with. We still had to find a quick buyer for our ship before it was flagged in the system. I’m just getting attached to this new ship and now it too is being yanked away from me. Piloting is ‘bout love. Love for your vessel, you love her and she loves you. I’m tired of these loose relationships.

I was watching and listening for the energy spiders we had been warned about when we ran into a web. We all were stuck. Damn! So dark even with the glow rod and the webs look just like veins of spice. B1-Z0 was able to free itself from the web and get a shot off. I managed to get a shot off from my stuck position. but was bit by the spider anyway. Almost lifelike, that droid of ours keep fighting honorably, until loosing a leg to another spider. Poisoned and hurt I tried defending myself again; the last thing I remember, just before passing out from the spider attack was a mighty effort from Kathri to free herself from the web. She succeeded, only to pass out. Well, I can’t fault her too much, she did just single-handily disabled an Imperial Star Destroyer. If I live Kathri, I’ll thank you.

Waking up with Growskka hovering over me with his med kit was my first tragic blurry sight. My vision cleared, and damn, that hover droid was right there behind him recording the whole embarrassment. I thought, what I could do?… Where’s Kathri? I’ll just take her right now in front of the imagers and spite that abomination Dodis. She does deserve something for the whole star destroyer incident. The whole ability to cross breed could become problematic though. Well, I’ll have to find another way to spite that crime lord later. Turns out Growskka saved the day. Last of us standing, he killed the spiders, repaired B1 and healed us much. Combine that with saving us credits, well he’s a good kinda ugly! Now we have to resume our mission to rescue Kallakkata and nab Rainus.

We finally came to our destination. The mines. To get a look, Kathri and I scout ahead. Of course, the Bothan who somehow manages to infiltrate an IMPERIAL STAR DESTROYER easily gets caught sneaking around like a Gamorrean Guard tip toeing across ice… This will be a different type of thanks. I of course was not seen, but the damn Bothan just runs forward to, I don’t know, draw off only two of the several guards. Then I see them, our Wookie and with him Rainus! I go back to Growskka and let him know what happened. And there’s the alarm. We inch our way forward to the mine and not long after we get a call from Kathri… “Help!” We charge forward and the mine is clear of prisoners and guards.

I came to the door first and it wouldn’t open. Our droid and Growskka arrive. I listened at the door and heard blasters. Yup, our Bothan was here. B1-Z0 was at the door ready when Growskka hacked it to open. Several guards were approaching from the far side of the prison cell area. B1-Z0 stepped in and was already firing and then the door closed again separating us, but not before I brought down the guard hovering over Kathri closer by. More blaster fire. Then the door again. I stepped in and Growskka stayed as our means of escape through the door hazard. With the bothan down and Growskka on the door, it was up to myself and B1. B1-Z0 was auto-firing, a beautiful sight when its coming from our side, and then he got hit. It didn’t take much. B1 was severely weakned from the energy spiders, so the droid went down quickly. I saw B1 go down out of the corner of my eye as I watched the wave of Imperials bear down on us. Lifting the heavy auto blaster I turned on the Imperials and with all my heart and soul I downed them in one sweeping flurry of desperation. My only regret is that one of the Imps didn’t down that damn hover droid.



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