B1-Z2 is an old seemingly junkie droid made up of spare parts from many different federation battle droids.

Career: Bounty hunter

Specialization trees: 1st Assassin: 2nd Bodyguard

Brawn: 3
Agility: 4
Intellect: 1
Cunning: 2
Willpower: 1
Presence: 1

Soak 4 (5)
Wounds 13
Strain 11
Defense 0

Trained skill: *=career skill
*Athletics: 1
*Coordination: 1
*Perception: 1
*Pilot ground: 1
*Skulduggery: 1
*Stealth 1
*Streetwise: 1
*Gunnery: 1
*Brawl: 1
*Ranged [heavy]: 2


Lethal blows
Precise aim
Targeting blow
Enduring / Resilience (for being a droid)


Heavy blaster rifle
Com jammer:(4) in torso
Com link:in head
Utility belt
Macro binoculars:(1) in head
Heavy clothing (1)

Blaster carbine
Combat knife
4 blaster pistols

Credits 580


Used: 255

Available: 10


B1-Z0 was a battle droid in the republic army led by general Greavous during the clone was. He was prone to malfunctioning and as likely to shooting his squad mates in battle as he was his squads targets.

Even if his squad objective was a scouting mission Bizo would more often then not go off on his own to kill at least one enemy. When this was discovered by the higher chain of comand it was decided that he was well suited for assassination missions. Even though he was not programmed for such skill sets Bizo seemed to have an odd mixture of learned skills and luck that surved him well in such situations.

During one such mission Bizo was sent to assassinate a target as a decoy for a frontal assault mission. He was supposed to cause enough chaos in the fortification that the assault would meet with little to no resistance.

Bizo actually completed his mission and killed his target and was able to cause so much discord in the enemy fortification that the actual assault met little enemy resistance but the resistance they received from Bizo was another thing.

Bizo was so angry that he was just the decoy and was supose to expload from the bomb they planted in him without his knowledge that he used the defenses of the military bunker to systematically kill all three of the invading squads.

After taking several critical hits while fifgting the last squad in close melee combat the bomb which had been gliching out finally exploded and destroyed them all.

A few decades later the parts of that battle had been salvaged by a bunch of Jawas and they constructed a few battle droids with them.

To the dismay of the Jawas the droids booted up and continued their battle in the workshop. The Frankinsteined droid that was now B1-Z0 finished disassembling the two other reconstructed droids. After he thought he was finished fighting B1-Z0 was rendered inactive by a few ion blasts from the Jawas.

After much discution the Jawas decided that to replace the equipment from the workshop that was damaged they would activate him again and speak with him. When they realized they had an assassin droid they told him they would set him free but he needed to give them a cut of his work to pay off the damages he had caused to their shop.

B1- Z0 has been killing people to pay off his debt ever since.


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