Brutish, well-to-do Trandoshan mechanic


27 years old
6’ 4"
Slightly large build, in decent shape
Hunter Green scales
Orange/copper eyes
Distinguishing features: scars on right jaw—claw rakes

Technician (Mechanic)

Brawn: 3
Agility: 2
Intellect: 3
Cunning: 2
Willpower: 2
Presence: 2

Soak Value: 4 (Heavy Clothing)
Wounds Threshold: 15 (+1 from Toughened)
Strain Threshold: 11
Ranged Defense: 0
Melee Defense: 0

Computers 1
Coordination 1
Discipline 1
Mechanics 2
Medicine 1
Negotiation 1
Perception 2
Surveillance 1
Brawl 1

Techinician—Mechanics Talent Tree
Fine Tuning
Solid Repairs

Weapons: natural Claws, +1 damage, crit 3
Armor: Heavy Clothing
Personal Gear: Hand-Held Comm Link, Tool Kit, Datapad

Motivations: Relationship (for comrades)
Obligation: Duty-Bound, Magnitude 10, for Fruvro (Fuvan’s father)


Growskka grew up on Trandosha. One of several children. He found an interest in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and other crafts that labeled the Trandoshan a gear-head. When he matured, he began working in a starship bay, repairing and modding vessels. More and more drama between his brothers and sisters, and his parents and other clan-members upset the young man, to a point where he cared little for their increasingly heated relationships. He signed on to an odd-job making off-planet shipments, seeing it as a way and get away from his family. He took a few destinations, working on ships. Eventually he ended up staying on Rodia after a job, when his ship was damaged by raiders. While working, he encountered Fuvan and both grew to be close friends. Eventually, after miscommunication between his bosses and their clients, Growskka saw the opportunity to leave before he was drawn in to being in debt, and instead joined Fuvan as his mechanic and ship-mate.


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